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the frequency dj

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encouraging authenticity

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Let's cut the shit...


You are born absolute. With a light that shines in all dimensions, through time and space, at its infinite brightest, giving off the highest frequency.


Then, as you grow and learn, you start to develop thoughts and feelings, some of which are not your own but of your surrounds. Your caregivers and friends. Then you get into the education system, which brings about its own conditioning. Work, again, with peers that influence; governments, religion, news, tv, music....the influences you are surrounded by are everywhere and never ending.


Through all of this there are moments and situations that traumatise you. Sometimes it's one or two moments, they can be big or small. Other times, it's continuous. Either way, it leaves a tainted but sometimes easily overlooked mark within your body. Stored until it manifests in a way that can not be ignored any longer. Whether a physical manifestation, mental or spiritual, its effects are almost always damaging and it stays until you remember the root cause and remove it.

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