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My name is Ruth aka the frequency dj and I am here to fulfill my purpose of helping humanity and the planet heal by using modalities like vocal channeling, frequency music, intuitive guidance and energetic entrainment. I endevour to be as real as possible and not good with fake anything. Authenticity, open hearts and open minds only!

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my story

I have always been different. From disgracefully wearing the black sheep crown in my family of religious devotees, to being the outcast in school and community for owning my truth, I have always been the first to do things differently and rejected for it. Even though those things would later be embraced in my community or society (by that stage it was irrelevant and I had moved on). 

Experiencing substantial trauma as a child all the way into my adult years, I had run from feelings, emotions and triggers that the trauma brought up for 15+ years with a kaleidoscope of addictions. I finally listened to the ingrained knowing that I was meant for more. This is when I first discovered meditation (and then frequency) and started to heal.

Using meditation almost every day ever since (over 10 years) as one of my main tools, forward thinking allowed me to discover frequency music, enhancing my meditation practice 10 fold. This eventually allowed me to let go of my ego (for the most part) and make the space needed for allowing my guides, ancestors and any other high vibrational beings to come through my voice - whether that be using tones, chanting, words or just weird noises!


I have used many different healing modalities over the years but the incredible power that channeling and frequency contained was unlike anything I had experienced before. 

I discovered that frequency can be the jet fuel to enhance other modalities and spiritual practices, and it can break through layers of conditioning, patterns of behaviour that do not serve with the gentleness of a loving mother and the intensity of light itself. Frequency is the basis of our reality after all. Channeling is just another frequency type. It's a beautiful, intimate healing energy that heals the channeler as well as the audience.

Since I started my healing journey, I have embraced the fears, darkness, shadows and my singularity because I see the gold in all of them. My work is to guide anyone that is ready to see the gold in theirs. To embrace their pain, in whatever form it takes and whatever makes them unique - transmute it all into their ultimate strength and electricity that allows them to finally and rightfully thrive. 

Embracing my originality with passion - this is what makes me a powerful guide for those who are ready to do the work so that they too can embrace their unique gifts. 

I feel it in my bones that my purpose is to serve and assist in making this earth journey that little bit easier for you. Whether that be via channeling, frequency healing, intuitive guidance or utilising universal energy – I'm here for all of it.

Get in touch if you're ready to embrace your beautiful weirdness, drop your protective walls and shine your true light.



- one on one healing (up to 1.5 hours)

- group events (price on application)

- corporate (price on application)

I'm also always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!