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Hesitation - good / bad ??

Hesitation is a natural part of being human. It can be a response to fear, uncertainty, or lack of confidence and sometimes, hesitation can be a good thing, giving us the time we need to make wise decisions.

But it can be challenging to tell when you're hesitating out of fear or intuition.

Here's a little fun (or maybe not so fun) exercise you can do for yourself....

Think back to all the times you have hesitated in your life.

Write those down in dot points one under the other and then add two columns next to that list. One indicating the positives (intuitive led decision making) and in the other, the negative outcomes (decisions based on fear) due to hesitating in those moments.

What did you find?

Did you miss out on incredible opportunities or were you dodging bullets? Maybe a little of both...?

In this piece, I will briefly explore the role of hesitation in decision making, how intuition can help us make better decisions and how to cultivate stronger intuition.