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What is frequency music?

Everything that is made up of atoms (which is everything) vibrates at a cellular level. That vibration gives off a frequency. Yes, but what is frequency? Frequency is the number of repetitions/cycles in a certain amount of time. So, when talking about frequency music, it is measured in Hertz or Hz, which is the amount of cycles of a sound wave per second.

So what? Well, did you know that each thought and emotion have their own unique frequency signature? Yep. Were you also aware that your unique frequencies can influence the frequencies of others? Crazy but true. Which means it really is true that you are who you hang with.

Imagine hanging out with a negative person for most of your life. How do you think you're going to be feeling because of that? They are going to influence you and how you feel about yourself, the world around you and whatever else they want to be surly about. Now, imagine you are hanging out with people that are uplifting, positive people that only want the best for you and want to see you thrive. You, in turn, will thrive because your frequency is going to adapt to those positive people around you, inspiring you to be positive, uplifting and your best self.

Now, imagine a technology that can put you in the best state of mind, of feeling, of emotion. Well, imagine no more my friend, because that technology exists and it's called frequency minded music. There is music that is created with specific frequencies laced within the music so that when you listen to it, it allows your particular frequency to adapt to the one that you're listening to, and bam! Just like that, your frequency has changed into a lighter, more relaxed, more integrated, more open - whatever frequency and its effect it was that you were listening to was supposed to produce - state of being.

There is a musical genius by the name of Ian Morris that creates this very stuff! His company is called Listening To Smile and he takes the astrological happenings of the cosmos as well as the world events for the month and channels the music for a new album every month. The results are ethereal and sometimes even mind bending (in a good way)!

Find his albums to purchase here. Use code ruth20 in the discount box at checkout for $10 off albums. This not only supports Ian and his work by mine as well.

Now that you know what frequency is and how it works, bring your awareness to the frequencies around you and even the ones that you're producing. Bringing awareness to it can influence how you feel for the better or at least bring more clarity into your situation.

Much love


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