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How intimate are you willing to be?

One thing I have never really been good at has been to let myself go, to be willing to open up completely to someone and be my most vulnerable self. I mean, who wants to expose their heart to being stabbed multiple times and left to bleed out on the side of the road while it's raining?

Ok, so I'm being a little dramatic. But when you've been hurt and even traumatised by those who were supposed to love you no matter what and didn't, it's hard to not be dramatic about it.

Screen dump of a live with Shannon and I on Facebook (we don't currently have any pics of us two yet)

Love, unfortunately or fortunately (depending your perspective), has been tainted for me and therefore it has taken multiple failed relationships to finally find someone that is willing to sit with me through the really fucking hard stuff, not be triggered by it but instead be open and vulnerable so that I can feel safe to open up and be vulnerable with them.

Finally I can be truly intimate with my partner. And I don't just mean have amazing sex with.

What do I mean?

  • I can communicate openly and honestly, without fear of judgemen