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The Heroes Journey

Inspiring Liberation (444Hz)

I will be taking you on a journey. A heroes journey. The real reason why you are here, now.

Do you know what you are? Do you know what you are made of? What you are capable of? If you don’t know yet, I promise, you will.

Now is the time that the creativity laid dormant for the majority of your life is beginning to awaken. Your true nature, you start to notice it….you begin to feel a power coursing through you.

Emotions that light up your insides for no other reason than because you are love, because you are light and you can sense all of those who are with you with just your spirit. You are also aligning to your highest self.

Love is what you are made of. You have been many things at many different times but right now, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

This is not all there is. What you see with your eyes, feel with your sense of touch, smell with your nose, hear with your cochlear, no. When you really start to implement all your senses, you start to listen to your heart, see with your third eye, be guided by your intuition and experience life through something greater than the sum of your three dimensional parts.

Allow yourself to feel spiritually, with all your senses not just the ones you were told about when you went to school.

Welcome to your spiritual school. Open yourself up to the wonders beyond your human senses and start to experience the magic of the reality that is the universe and beyond.

To Everyone I Love (444Hz)

We are by nature, herd animals. We run with packs, with our people in communities. The people that love us and that we love in return. When we start to awaken to who and what we truly are, some of our people may start to fall away. They may start to feel wrong in a way that you can’t put your finger on. Don’t worry. They are still your people, it's just that you are changing.

You are on your way to becoming who you were born to be. This is all part of your journey. People will fall away and new ones will come in to meet you where you are at or to support you on to your next level of transformation.

Lean into loving all those people who were with you and are no longer, for those who are still with you and for the new people you are about to meet. Be open to what is. Love all no matter what but do not get distracted. Keep going.

Our Individual Spark (Root Chakra 396Hz, Heart Chakra 639Hz, Crown Chakra 963Hz)

There are times where you may doubt yourself with such an incredible force that you’ll want to stop your journey and want to take the beaten path. The path that has been taken before. The easier path and no one would blame you.

But what if I told you that your particular gifts, your individuality, what makes you you is precisely the puzzle piece that the world needs right now to flourish?

Your individual spark is why you’re here. You are needed. Your gifts are needed. No one would blame you for not wanting to take the hard road, the path less traveled but everyone (even if they do not consciously know it) would love and appreciate the uniqueness that you bring to the party.

Your individual spark is what keeps the fire burning bright to light the way for the rest of the humanity.

Tools for communicating with our ancestors (639Hz Heart Chakra)

The heroes journey can feel isolated. You start to feel differently than you have before. Your thoughts change. The closest people to you can feel like strangers but it’s ok because you know deep within you that you were meant for this. You don’t know how you know but you just do.

There’s some relief for you because even though you may physically feel alone, you are never truly alone. Your ancestors are there with you every step of the way.

Yes, you may have inherited their trauma and their pain but don’t forget that you inherited their incredible gifts too. Their power, their strength and courage, their magic and wisdom. All of this is embedded in your DNA, in your cells. The very building blocks of what make you you have all of that incredible energy powering you.

Tune in to this. You have the ability to tap into it any time you want or need it.

Winds of revolution (Speak your truth) (Throat 741Hz)

It can be isolating when you feel and think differently from those you are surrounded by and even more so when you speak your truth. When you make it known, when you can’t hide it any longer because it feels wrong to hold it in, this is when you really begin to feel the path of the lonely warrior.

When you feel that isolation, know that this is the time of revolution. That your truth is part of the greater plan, part of the greater vibration of freedom, change and of peace.

Speak even though your voice shakes. It’s your truth that will provide the freedom for those who you may never meet but will always hold a place in their heart for your sacrifice.

Sublime sense of tranquility (417Hz Frequency of Change)

When your journey comes to an end, you will know that you did your best and because of this many will thrive due to you and your actions. Either directly or indirectly.

Know that when you are coming from the heart, that vibration you emanate will affect those around you and those around them and so on.

The journey was tough but it was worth it because you are different now. You have a deep knowing of who you are. Everything you went through to get here made you this powerful and deeply loving being, stripped bare of all the trauma and behaviours that once led you astray.

The hero’s journey was never about becoming something new, it was always about remembering who you were in the first place. With that knowledge you rest deeply in the unshakableness of you. The truest, most beautiful version of you.

This was the guidance that I wrote for the Monday Freqs online sonic meditation on the 25th October 2021 (slightly ammended). It was inspired when I tuned into the energy of the attendees. The bold headings are the track names and their frequencies. You can purchase the recorded meditation by sending me an email to

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