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the pros and cons of being in a relationship with a powerful and spiritual business woman

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In the world of relationships, the cross section of power, spirituality and business can create an interesting and sometimes frightening dynamic for the uninitiated.

Imagine being entwined with a woman who has not only mastered the corporate world but has also delved deep into her spiritual journey.

A powerful, healed (as much as you can be as a human because there's always more healing to do), spiritual business woman possesses a unique blend of qualities that can both uplift and challenge her partner. Especially if her partner has a lot of healing to do I'm talking about me.

So, if you'd have told me 18 months ago that I would be making a life with a woman of this calibre, I would have laughed at you.

How was I supposed to be in control at all times and my traumas well and truly hidden, never to make an appearance so nothing could be done about them?? There's no way you can get away with staying stagnant with a woman like that by your side.

It seems as though I was obviously ready to make some changes because when it all started dropping in, I had no choice but to take the leap and start the journey with this incredible person that has opened me up to all my shit and all the incredible parts of me, so that I could start to deeply heal and be whole and good with all of it.

So I made a list for you. Just in case you were grappling with something similar yourself.

The following are the pros and cons I have found (so far) on my journey with my powerhouse of a woman.


- Inspiration and Growth: One of the undeniable advantages of being with a powerful and spiritual business woman is the inspiration she brings to the relationship. Her drive, ambition, and success has served as a catalyst for my own personal growth, encouraging me to reach for my potential. Witnessing her accomplishments have ignited a sense of determination and motivation within me, ultimately benefiting both of us.

- Emotional Depth and Support: Through her spiritual journey, this woman has cultivated a profound understanding of her own emotions. She knows how to navigate the complexities of the human experience, including pain, joy, and vulnerability. This emotional depth allows her to provide unwavering support to me, creating a safe space for authentic expression and healing within the relationship.

- Wisdom and Guidance: A spiritual businesswoman often possesses a wealth of wisdom gained from both her professional endeavors and spiritual practices. Her insightful perspective can shed light on complex situations, providing guidance and clarity. Having someone who can offer valuable advice and alternative viewpoints can be incredibly beneficial, particularly during challenging times.

- Shared Values and Purpose: When both partners prioritize personal growth, spirituality, and success, their shared values and purpose become a strong foundation for the relationship. A powerful and spiritual business woman understands the importance of balance and alignment in life, which can foster a deep sense of connection and harmony between both individuals.

And of course, for balance, the Cons:

- Time Commitments: Being a woman who has attained a position of power and success in the business world often requires a significant investment of time and energy. Balancing work, personal growth, and spiritual practices may leave her with limited availability for anything else. Navigating the demands of her career and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. I have found it difficult to witness her experience burnout after working day in, day out without rest because she feels like she has to provide for both of us. Not taking into account her physical, mental and emotional needs. Although I feel as though this has been a tough lesson she has now learnt from.

- Intensity and Emotional Turmoil: The path of self-discovery and spiritual growth can sometimes be intense and emotionally turbulent. A woman who has undergone significant healing and transformation may occasionally grapple with unresolved issues or face challenging emotions. She's human after all. This process might indirectly impact the relationship, requiring patience and understanding from her partner to navigate the ups and downs. This is something that I have found challenging as I have my own turmoil and sometimes, when both of our traumas have risen to the surface, we can both experience being triggered by each others "stuff". This is where there needs to be a healthy form of communication between both parties. Something that has been particularly challenging for me but again, the learning has been big in this department and we are both getting better at it all the time.

- Struggle with Vulnerability: Despite her emotional depth and support, a powerful and spiritual business woman might struggle with vulnerability at times. Having been conditioned to display strength and resilience in the business world, she might find it challenging to let her guard down and fully open up emotionally or find it hard to ask for what she needs. This can pose a hurdle in establishing deep emotional intimacy within the relationship. Luckily, her self awareness is on point and even though this has come up, it hasn't stuck around. You need a soft space? You got it, babe.

Ultimately, the pros and cons of being in a relationship with such an extraordinary individual depend on the compatibility, communication, and mutual respect between both partners.

Embracing the journey with an open heart and mind can pave the way for a powerful, transformative, and spiritually rich relationship.

I never thought I would be with someone like my partner but now, I wouldn't change it for the world. I have become more me than I could have ever possibly imagined. More confident, solid, patient, loving, kind, generous, understanding (both with her stuff and mine), more free and it's all because I dived in head first into a relationship with a person that scared me a little at first (and sometimes still does) but I can honestly say that it is in all the best ways.

Take big risks, get big rewards.

You emulate the people you surround yourself with. Imagine how that intensifies when one of those people is your partner and that partner is a fucking juggernaut!

Remember, no relationship is without its challenges, but when approached with understanding and a commitment to growth, the rewards can be profound.


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