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What you need to hear most right now

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Let's cut the shit...

You are born absolute. With a light that shines in all dimensions, through time and space, at its infinite brightest, giving off the highest frequency.

Then, as you grow and learn, you start to develop thoughts and feelings, some of which are not your own but of your surrounds. Your caregivers and friends. Then you get into the education system, which brings about its own conditioning. Work, again, with peers that influence; governments, religion, news, tv, music....the influences you are surrounded by are everywhere and never ending.

Through all of this there are moments and situations that traumatise you. Sometimes it's one or two moments, they can be big or small. Other times, it's continuous. Either way, it leaves a tainted but sometimes easily overlooked mark within your body. Stored until it manifests in a way that can not be ignored any longer. Whether a physical manifestation, mental or spiritual, its effects are almost always damaging and it stays until you remember the root cause and remove it.

As an adult, the way in which you view the world becomes skewed due to all of these factors. These are your filters. Like tinted glasses with a shade that makes it easier for you to swallow what goes on around you.

On top of this, these factors permit you to subconsciously create patterns of behaviour that make your life "easier" because you are able to avoid different things/people that caused you pain in the past. Whether you realise that these patterns are positive or hindering your free and joyful movement in the world is left to time and introspection.

The culmination of built up conditioning, traumas, filters and patterns of behaviour without your realising, slowly and gently over time have progressively dimmed your light like an over protective shield. Your once high frequency vibration you were gifted with as a newborn has significantly diminished. So subtle the changes made over time that you don't even know it's happened. Blissfully unaware that there is anything you need to concern yourself about.

Then out of nowhere you bump into an old friend that you haven't talked to for years and they invite you to a sound healing (something they've recently gotten into) so that you guys can catch up.

You like music and you're open to new things, so you go. Not realising this will be the first of many synchronicities or what I like to call "universal bread crumbs" that will gradually lead you to your purpose and the thing that makes you come alive.

It's these breadcrumbs that imperceptibly start chipping away at the protective shield that keeps you stagnant in the hamster wheel of mediocrity and self loathing.

First it's a sound healing, then it's a Reiki session, then you learn Reiki yourself, then you're unexplainably pulled into signing up for a 10 day silent meditation retreat where you have to sit for at least 6 hours a day uncomfortably in a cross legged position, (this is where you have many realisations about who and what you are and why you're here), you take the bible, a book you loathed for as long as you can remember because it was forced down your throat from a patriarchal/misogynistic point of view and start looking at it from a different, kind, loving, open perspective (and with a grain or two of salt) and notice how beautiful it actually is, you learn about witchcraft and have the realisation of how you might actually be a witch yourself, you experiment with psychedelics and have some of the most profound insights you have ever had which then change the course of your life forever....

All of these moments create more and more cracks in the "protective" shield, granting that blinding light that you were born with more freedom to shine.

It's a beautiful snowball effect. These cracks start to encourage new cracks to form and grow. The more light that shines, the more cracks. The more cracks, the more of you starts to emerge. The more you, the more freedom and peace. The more freedom and peace, the more love. Soon enough, the love takes over and the protective mechanisms that you built up to help you but aren't helping you any longer, fall away.

What is left is still a flawed human but one that is absolutely and unapologetically themselves, comfortable in their own skin, living their best life and carrying out their purpose.

If you were to take anything from this post, it could be to follow those crumbs or nudges, whatever you want to call them. Because when you do, the destination that is yours and yours alone will be bigger, better and grander than you could have ever possibly imagined.

There is something you are definitely here for. Something that only you can do like you can do. If you haven't found it yet, don't worry.

The nudges are generally for things you are curious about. They have an uncanny knack at pulling you in. So if you let them, you'll find the thing that you're here for sooner than you think.

Oh, one more patient. There's nothing more annoying that wanting to know something so badly that you're not ready for. Just enjoy the ride. It's way more fun when you let go.


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