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Have I lost my marbles or do I just think differently to you?

If you'd have known me previous to all the frequency/sonic meditation/astrology sharing stuff, you'd have probably thought I was a hilarious, not-so-regular, but kinda average, Jo-sephine. Not some conspiracy theory loving nutcase that some may see me as now. I get it. I really do and I love them all the same.

To be fair, I do love a good conspiracy but that doesn't mean I automatically subscribe to it. I tend to use my mind, my heart and my gut to guide me on whether something is true or if there's something off about the situation. It seems as though over time we have forgotten how to use our bodies to discern what is right or wrong for us as individuals.

The brain is awesome. It's our super computer and it does so much for our body just to function, let alone determine what step to take next or who to believe or what to make part of our worldview. But did you know that there are neurons in our heart and gut, just like the ones in our brain? Yup. And they can, if you tune in to them, help you make better and even good decisions.

There is so much research being conducted in the field of neuroscience regarding this very topic and they are finding out what ancient wisdom has known for thousands of years.

"...[heart and gut] have their own intrinsic nervous systems. They’ve got neurons. They’ve got the whole range of [capabilities] in order to do complex adaptive processes. They can take on information, process it, store it, change and adapt. Basically, if it can learn, it’s a brain.” Marvin Oka - Master Behavioural Modeller.

Going back to the whole "being open" thing...

I am open and I pride myself on that quality. Being open means that you know that you have so much to learn, and that you will be learning until the day you die.

You are also ok with the fact that you could be wrong about something. That you could get schooled on a topic by someone that makes a compelling argument, and that's cool. You've learnt something new and you are grateful for it, not upset that you were wrong.

It also means that you're aware that your perception or filter (your beliefs, values that were instilled in you from a very young age by your caregivers and then adapted according to your personal circumstances and situations that unfolded for you in life) isn't the only way to view the world. That there are literally billions of ways to see the world and that they could all potentially have something right about them.

Even if you think the opposite of a certain situation to someone else. Your view could be right, and so could theirs, in some way.

To not hate on anyone because of the way they see the world. It's just different, not wrong.

The more love and understanding we spread, the more we raise the vibe of our immediate surroundings and the people that reside within them. In turn, those people raise the vibe in their surroundings, and so on.

This is how we change the world, guys. It's pretty simple. It starts with you and the literal frequency you are putting out in the world.

That's what I feel, anyway.

But enough about me, how are you??

Have you been coping during this time of supposed worldwide pandemics? Make sure you hit reply to this email and let me know. I'd love to hear from you and help you out if I can.

Peace <3

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