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The intuition game

How do you determine a piece of information to be true? Do you listen to your parents, family, friends, coworkers, science, religion, the government, news, your local tarot lady or.....yourself?

Did you know that each one of us has our very own GPS-lie detector-guidance system? It's called your intuition and all you have to do is tune into how your body feels when you are offered a new piece of information. What physical sensations come up for you in your body? If something feels true, it will generally be perceived as physically light and airy in your gut. If something feels off (you've probably felt this one before) it may be experienced as heavy, gross, a sick feeling.

Intuition is not to be confused with a trauma influenced guidance system which can tilt the intuition scales quite dramatically, potentially causing bad decisions leading to self harm of some description. This is a whole other blog worth of information which I will cover at some point because we have all had some level of trauma that can influence how we make decisions.

If you're unsure on how to use your intuition or you have tried and you don't feel anything, it just means that you need to practice using it to develop that connection between the mind and body.

Most of us have not been taught how to use our intuition because it has been lost somewhere between the "God will show you the way and if you don't listen, be fearful because he'll send you to hell. Don't worry though because we'll let you know what God thinks is right and wrong for you," and "only listen to people in positions of power because they only want whats best for you" narratives.

How does that feel for you? Would you like to practice using your intuition now? Remember, true should feel light and airy. False should feel heavy, possibly ill. Both of these are generally felt around the gut area of the body.

Lets go!

Did you know the CIA has been researching things like telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance and telekinesis, among other paranormal abilities for years and proven that these abilities are real?

You can even go to their website and check out all their articles (the ones made public) of experiments and research that they’ve conducted over decades. Here's just one of the thousands of articles that are of a paranormal nature. Proving that these abilities exist. Even though society, as a collective, still believe that if you’re open to that stuff that you’re “new agey,” “woo woo” or just plain crazy.

Why is mind-matter interaction labelled as "fringe" science in academia when the results produced are just as strong as science that's not considered "fringe"? Is it because this type of phenomena challenges what we believe?

If that stuff is real, what else have we not been made aware of?

After much of my own research, I feel that we have been led to believe a great many things over the years that may not be as true as we'd like to think they are.


Well, the best way to control the masses is through fear. As long as you have the majority of the population fearful, you can control them by producing solutions that the 'powers that be' would like you to believe are for your best interests....but are they? We only need to look at countless moments in history to see that those in power have lied and manipulated the people for their own gain time and time again. A lot of the time with detrimental effects toward the population.

You may want to ask yourself, is this happening today? And if so, how and why?

Some other interesting stuff for you to check to see how your body reacts to it -

The traditional owners of Australia knew how to hunt sustainably and in harmony with the ecology, they knew how to heal using natural bush medicines, their relationship with the land was of a spiritual nature and they respected it so that it would continuously provide for them, until British colonials came along with diseases and guns, destroying everything the indigenous peoples held dear.

In his book Bushfires & Bushtucker, botanist Peter Latz states that the Arrernte (Northern Territory) peoples were so in tune with their habitat and its ecology that they could actually make it rain. On days when a particular type of cloud cover was about and the Arrernte felt like a shower, they’d set about burning a 1 km square of hard Spinifex (Triodia Intermedia) – the oils in which would create a smoke so thick that it would activate rainfall.

Seems far fetched, no? Check out Cloud Seeding and how introducing dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to clouds increases rainfall. Maybe not so far fetched after all.

How about astrology? Fact or fiction?

There are studies that see the correlation between the lunar and planetary cycles and our moods, and there are studies that conclude that there is no proof of such a thing. My feeling on this? I'll start from the top. We are the only animal with the type of brain we have. Enter, the intellect.

Our wonderful 'super computer' gets in the way of tuning in to those things that we cannot see with our eyes or touch with our hands. Which means that instead of going with our instincts, like most other animals, we are more reliant on our brain. The muscle that needs hard proof of things in order for us to believe them to be true. That and the fact that we have so much artificial light, stress, asphalt, concrete and bricks instead of nature surrounding us, we have messed up our natural circadian rhythms and grown out of touch from the natural influence that nature should have with us and us with it.

Religion has also played its part. "Even though Christian and Islamic religions are younger than astrology, the conquests made by these two religions forced entire populations of people to convert to these new monotheistic religions. They viewed astrology as a threat and persecuted those who practiced it throughout the last 2000 years and still even today in some Islamic countries."

Funnily enough, "some early Christians accepted astrology, and it is believed that three wise men who visited the supposedly newborn Jesus were Zoroastrian Magi who were practicing astrologers. They simply knew of his birth due to their observations of the stars and planets. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later that astrology became forbidden by the newly formed Roman Catholic Church, in order to ensure their monopoly over people’s faith. Interestingly, there is much astrological symbolism integrated into Christianity (which is a whole other topic on its own). Astrology is at the core foundation of Christianity, yet people were later executed for practicing it." Taken from The Ancient Science of Astrology article by Carmen Di Luccio.

I feel that we are influenced by the planets. I use my inner wisdom to conclude that this is true - for me. We’re just not in tune with nature like ancient civilisations and a large number of current cultures are.

My deduction: Each planet has its own specific energy that influences how we act, how we feel and emote and even how we make decisions. In science, we know that everything gives off energy, a frequency. So how can we think planets, especially such giants as Jupiter and Saturn which are coming into conjunction (0.1 degrees apart) in a few days – a hugely important astrological event - do not give off huge bursts of energy that travel to our planet influencing our behaviour, our energies, our frequencies?

How's that body feeling?

I'll finish off with one of my all time favourite topics.

If you’ve looked into quantum physics at all, you’ll notice that physicists that are delving deep into this science are opening up to science and spirituality merging again like they once were a number of centuries ago. Things are happening at the quantum level that classical sciences cannot explain. A type of magic. But it’s only magic because we do not know how to explain it. We haven't figured out how it works....yet. It’s not Newtonian science logical or linear like as a society we like to believe life is. No. It’s exponentially better, weird and wonderful and it allows for certain mysteries to make more sense. It also allows us to entertain the thought of consciousness creating reality itself!

So, how do you feel? Light and airy or heavy and sick? Maybe a little of both? Sometimes, with a lot of information like I just gave you, some of it may resonate or other parts not so much.

Basically, my message is this - Trust yourself. You have the intuition. You just need to be still for long enough to hear it. Also, just because something is true for me, it doesn't mean that I think you're wrong if you think differently. Our individual life experiences that have shaped our worldview and beliefs means that we can see the same thing with different flavours but it doesn't make either one of us wrong. It just means that our individual conditioning allows us to have different perspectives on the same thing. There is truth in all perspectives. You just need to be open enough to see them.

I'd love to hear how you went if you did that little experiment with me. Reply to this email and let me know how it felt for you.

As always, sending great vibes and shitloads of love xx

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