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when you're not in flow (you still are)

I've been racking my brain and also sitting with whatever comes up around what this month's blog piece would be about, without any joy.

I generally have something to say but alas, I came up with nothing.

So instead, i'll say this:

Growth is not a straight, upward climbing line and nor is creativity. It wouldn't be creativity if it was.

There are moments in your life where you will struggle to come up with crumbs, let alone anything substantial and that's ok.

Right now, I'm visualising giving you the biggest, most full of love, bear hug and tell you that you're in a moment and this moment is perfect, exactly as it is.

It's probably best not to try and force anything out of it because forcing something that isn't fully cooked yet will generally produce something sub par.

Instead, just be with it and be ok with it.

It is the peace in this moment that will allow you to reap the most rewards in the end. For you and everyone that comes across you.

It is this peace that will inevitably bring you back into a flow state, despite the lack of productivity.

In turn, it is this same state that will eventually bring you back to productivity and a productivity of substance. Not one of filling your time with stuff because you feel like you need to fill time to be worth something.

Let me tell you - that is not true.

You are worth something regardless of how much you accomplish.

Society has taught us differently but this was a society created off the back of the industrial revolution.

A time where school was created by wealthy company owners that needed subservient workers to keep the dosh rolling in thick and fast.

I know you know you're so much more than that. If you've forgotten, I'm here to remind you.

You're here because something you and only you has needs to be shared with the world.

Find that thing and give it everything you've got. Fuck societal expectations.


I guess I had something to say after all.

Love you.


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